by Gatica 

Something NEW for 2015: At right: The 3-D flat sculptures you see below are new and  something the artist has been developing and experimenting with recently, and will continue into 2015


The idea for the Flat Sculptures seen above, resulted when creating the above artistic art pedestals, which due to a 'good accident' while working them in the mold, they got the unique  texture seen here. Since then,Artistic Art Pedestal 1.jpg (464901 bytes) Gatica is trying to recreate the texture on a flat 3-D  format resulting in what you see in the Flat 3-D Sculptures featured here.






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Flat 3-D Sculptures At right >> you see more of what the artist is trying to achieve, interesting - organic looking flat 3-Dimensional art pieces. This piece was the fourth experiment (after the three, below), and the closest to what the artist is trying to achieve in sculptures. The following pieces are expected to be variations of this style,F FlatSculpture.jpg (59138 bytes) with varying textures and color schemes which the artist isReceptualSculpture3detail.JPG (145603 bytes) still experimenting with. Notice the FINAL piece at the  bottom of page. 

These are the artist's version of RECEPTUAL ART (Go to read on this): It was the artist's intention to make  them look organic - just like the smaller stone sculptures they support,  that were formed naturally (Go to see Rock/Stone Sculptures).

Notice the texture and how they are painted to enhance the texture. These pieces are approximately 1/2" thick and around 20 inches tall/round (as per the mold)  and (notF FlatCLOSEUPA (2).jpg (228796 bytes) counting the stand).

Below you see more results from this endeavor.

Artistic Art Pedestal unpainted.jpg (52616 bytes)

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