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The concept behind both the "Artistic Art Pedestals" & "Flat-3-D Sculptures  series came after I amassed a collection of assorted sized and shaped rocks/stones from the near bottom of Lake Travis, in Lago Vista, Northeast of Austin, during the worst drought in recent times, these past two years. The water level was forty feet below normal level. Some of the stones have not seen the day of light since the lake was formed, in 1942.  The stones’ abstract shapes appealed to my artist’s sensibilities. I refer to them as ‘Organic Stone Sculptures’ see one at left on top of one of our 'Artistic Art Pedestals'. See them at our home page by clicking on Organic Abstract Stone/Rock Art (top left of page). The artistic concept for this is based on the Receptual Art philosophy.

Organic Sculpture  on Artistic Art Scultpture Picasso.jpg (67052 bytes)The pedestals are cast from a material called hydro-stone, (a plaster like material consisting of a combination of gypsum and cement). You can see the larger ones outside my home by clicking on the Yard Art and Oddities strewn about outdoor the artist’s yard.

My initial intention in creating the pedestals was to make plain, conventional, boring, smooth-walled-pedestals to exhibit the stone sculptures. But, when the PVC-mold was separated on the first one, there was a pleasant, surprise: an unexpected, rough, texture on the outer wall of the pedestal. This gave the pieces a unique, exotic look that appealed to my artistic sensibilities. The initial experimentation produced a 10” tall, by, 5”- round pedestal.  After seeing the exotic look on the round pedestals, I decided to experiment in making some flat sculptures. The Flat 3-D sculptures being proposed here are the results.

The concept behind both the series was to simulate the raw organic texture found in the  stone/rock’s collection, which were formed naturally, by’ random chance’ as described in the ‘Receptual Art’, philosophy - a term borrowed from fellow artist, Johann Eyfells, from Fredericksburg, TX.

Dimensions: The “Artistic Art Pedestals”, are round. For now, there are two sizes that measure 10” (H) x 8” round and 10” (H) X 5” round.  The “Flat-3-Dimenisonal Sculptures” measure ½ - ¾ in thickness by around 20 inches wide/round. Each piece has been cast separately and has their own, out of this world, exotic, surreal texture that makes them NEW, and interesting.  Experimentation with color combinations is ongoing.

Another piece separate from the pedestals and the sculptures which may be of interest to you, is a piece created from a set of seed pods (found in the wild) that are mounted on a 24” X 39” X 1.25” of stucco panel. I am sure you have never seen something like this before (at your request I will 
 email a link to this item).

About Me: While as a freelance commercial artist, I have been creating art for private and commercial clients for over thirty years (see our press page). As an artist I find intrigue in unusual things, like the above items and the stones/rocks collected. Now, at age 61, this is my first attempt at seeking an opportunity to exhibit.  I am excited because this is a new direction for me as an artist. I enjoy exploring new techniques, media and mediums. This is the first time these items will be seen by the public. I am sure that nothing like these unique items has ever crossed your path.

Along with the pedestals we can include the ‘Organic Stone Sculptures’ they were designed to support/exhibit.  




The above Organic Stone  Sculpture (on top) is being supported/exhibited  atop of one of what we call
Artistic Art Pedestals.

by Ray Gatica

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