Artistic Portraits Challenging, But Fun, for Artist

Houston TX: Portraiture work is fun for artist like Ray Gatica who has been creating for over twenty years. As a commercial artist, Gatica has created for numerous business and commercial clients. His business is to create custom art based on ideas and requests from clients. Among some of the request he gets is to have a portrait done for a client.

When it comes to portraiture work, there are numerous artist therefore, just as many styles available. Bur mostly, the average client wants a good likeness and and well executed painting, mostly on canvas.  When you need to an artist for a custom portrait you can look in the Yellow Pages under ‘commercial artist’ or, you can contact the local art supply store. Nowadays the best way is to do a ‘Google search’ for ‘Portrait Artist’ or similar phrase along with the relative city, for example, ‘Portrait Artist/Painter in Houston’. If you type in the above search words something should come up. Most likely if they show up on the Internet they will have a web presence, a virtual galley, like a website. This is convenient because you can peruse the website, where you can see samples of their works on line, in the convenience of your home.

Gatica also has a website where you can see some of his past works, along with reading some of past clients comments and praises.

Although challenging, Gatica embraces the challenge presented by painting a portrait. From caricatures to more sophisticated life size portraits, Gatica has done them.  While attending College in Glendale/Phoenix Arizona where the artist studied life drawing, which included the study of anatomy behind the physical appearance. Gatica is able to draw and illustrate the human form with a high degree of reality. Bu t this does not mean that he can not get away from realism to create stylized human forms to create his favorite art - ‘Art Deco’.

 When drawing a portrait, one has to keep in mind that there is bone structure behind the skin and features of the face.  For instance in painting the eyes the artist has to keep in mind that there are eye sockets where the eyes set in. Therefore when painting them one has to place shadow just right under the forehead where the sockets hold the eye. This is where women apply their eye shadow, right at the top part of the curvature of the eyeball. By applying a highlight at the top, and a shadow underneath, this serves to give the work a realistic, three-dimensional look. This results in a more professional looking, final looking piece of art. “The best portraits are ones where the artist can represent the underlying bone structure, which make the portrait more realistic and professional looking” says the artist.

Portraits can be in a variety of styles. We have done caricatures, silhouette portraits of couples, Hollywood personality portraits, and off-the-wall, custom portraits.

On Technique: Gatica creates his portraits with traditional artist brushes with high quality, water based acrylics. And as an accomplished airbrush artist Gatica, also uses airbrush techniques, learned over the years, to achieve soft edges, shadows and contours. The results are a high quality, end product.

The artist recently completed a life size portrait for a client in Clear Lake. The portrait was based on an old portrait of the client taken by the client’s daughter. She also wanted a classical background that would match her existing wallpaper in her bedroom. The size of the painting was 4 Ft. (W) X 6 Ft. tall. Gatica used a dry brush technique to create the background.

The final piece was impressive, especially when the subject looked like “Cher”  Bono, from “Sonny and Cher”, the sixties singing duo.


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