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Artist Ray Gatica has been creating art for private and commercial clients for over twenty years. During those years he has created in a variety of mediums and styles. He varies from the traditional, to the modern and contemporary. He has even created in the Art Deco style, which is his favorite. With art deco, I get to let loose and exaggerate my style and wind up with sharp elongated slick male and female figures ala Erte, and other art deco artist of  the early twenties.

Some of our commissions have been life size portraits, canvas murals, fantasy art and portraits, wall art, murals, custom art, beach scenes, underwater seascapes ala Chris Reese Lasson.

Our commissions can be found in private home. restaurants, churches, hair salons, schools (school graphics).

Over the years, there have too many to mention, but one of the things that we do is understand what the client is looking for before we proceed with the painting. After years of working in different styles, in most cases we are able to tailor our work to what the client is expecting.

Samples our work can be seen at our websites:, This site, is dedicated mostly art commissioned by private, professional and commercial clients.; In this site, we showcase some of our commercial and professional clients' works created over the past twenty years. They include large canvas murals, wall murals, Art Deco style murals, large school, and gym graphics; large architectural graphics, letters and signage.; At this site, we show case some our custom airbrush painting we have done for private and professional clients. Our airbrushing experience goes back to the days when the airbrush was used for photo-retouching. Since then, the airbrush has evolved into a unique painting medium for creating art.  With the appropriate paints the airbrush can be used to paint on virtually all surfaces.; And, last but not least, is our whimsical children's character for families, small children and babies. There you can read the story and see the character..

Contact: Ray Gatica, 281-441-9714, Cell: 832-794-2149 
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