Artist's work larger than life but not off the wall

A car buff, he also specializes in "auto portraits," which are customized paintings of owner's cars done on illustration board works from photographs with a wide angle lens, which exaggerates the lines of the automobile to make it more visually interesting. One wall graphic Gatica says he would particularly like to do is a giant Porsche or Cadillac perhaps for an auto dealership
The cost of the wall graphic can range from $500 to $2,000 will last "practically forever says.
    "I have this idea," Gatica "When people are ready to tear the buildings down, I'd like to go  around collecting all the walls done and start some sort of museum."

He says he prefers to refer to his work as interior design wall graphics, rather than murals.

"People usually associate murals with flowing rivers and leafy trees; something pastoral and quaintly old-fashioned," he says. "My art can hardly be classified as old-fashioned."
    Gatica's customized designs are created with the help of his clients, who often have a theme in mind, or some idea for a design.
"We discuss it and then I do a few sketches and project them on the wall,” he says.  When the de­sign is ready to be painted, I cut "friskets" (patterns of the posi­tive areas of the design) and apply the paint in a method simi­lar to stenciling.


cover a lot of space for a moder­ate cost and the use of color on a wall graphic can dramatically ac­centuate the total look of the busi­ness."
    While working in Connecticut, he did graphics and murals for beauty salons, health clubs, restaurants and private homes.
    The graphics provide something       interesting for people to look at, he says.

"In a exercise room or gym, plain white walls would be boring

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he says. "But with figures "and color it adds a decorative touch”
Whenever possible. Gatica favors a contemporary, modern effect.
    Not all of Gatica's work has been larger than life, however.
    He once did airbrushed graphics
'on women's fingernails.
   "It was a little different work­ing on something as small as a woman's fingernail when I was used to doing whole walls," he says. "But it was interesting and the end result looked really good."
   Gatica started painting with an airbrush about 15 years ago while in art school in Phoenix, Ariz.

NOT OFF THE WALL. Artist Ray Gatica shows off one of the illustrations he created for the Kingwood Gymnastics and Dance Academy.- Photo by BARBARA NEWMAN

Artist specializes in dramatic  'on-the-wall’ graphics 
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No one can say Humble artist Rav Gatica's work is "off the wail "
It is "on the wall," and larger than life.
    Gatica does murals and wall graphics that range in size from 4 feet by 6 feet to whatever his imagination and his client's budget dictates.
    The largest collective piece he has done to date covers 250-square-feet of painted surface.
    His latest artistic endeavor is on the walls of Kingwood Gymnastics and Dance Academy.
    The job has taken him about a month to complete.
Gymnastic figures, dancers and drill team silhouettes have been used in his various practice, and classrooms at the school.
    Bold bars in neon colors of blue, green and orange add color be­hind the figures done in shades of gray, white and black.
    In the aerobics and jazz room, he has created motion with a swirling ribbon of burgundy that flows around the figures. The drill team room has marching figures and blue, red and silver stars, de­picting the drill team's colors.
    "An airbrushed all graphic can create an up to-the-moment image."   Gatica   says.   "It can

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