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We were contacted by a client from the Galleria/Uptown area in early July. Upon our initial meeting he disclosed hid idea for a painting. It was to be a conceptual art piece, and I like creating conceptual art.

He described the piece as follows: His business is personal financial wealth management.  He told me how he has had employees that he takes under his wings and educates them on the business, and once they learn the business, they  leave his company and sign on with other competitor's companies while taking clients with them as they leave. Well, he compares these  people that have done this, to whores, prostitutes having no since of loyalty. So, he wanted a painting to convey this idea. He gave me a brief sketch to go by, and I took it from there and came up with the idea as you see it here.

See Painting with detail.

My  idea was to have his building on one side of the canvas painting, and the other side I wanted to indicate where his prostitute employees, as he considered them, would go - to the red-light district found in any-big-city, USA.

To start the painting: I, firstly,  drew up a brief black & white sketches, to get an idea of what we wanted to do. I then made a color sketch to run-by him. He liked it and I proceeded to putting the idea together on a piece of 30 X 40 inch canvas.

The first thing I did was to take the initial  black and white sketch and put it on a transparency so that I could project it onto the canvas for placement, size and composition and see where the buildings, cars and figures were going to be placed in relation to each other. I sketched the design onto the canvas and proceeded to painting. What I started out with, changed dramatically from the final piece. Finally, at the end, I wound up eliminating some of the cars and the perspective a bit so that I could make the figures a more prominent size. My visual idea was to put his business on one side of the street and his ex-employees prostitutes and whores across the street in a sort of red light district. It was cheesy but effective.  I took around 40 hours of actual painting to complete the work.

I am just glad that the client was easy to work with and was receptive to the idea and the whole painting. The fun part for me was when the painting was delivered; he had a genuine, glow of appreciation on his face. He loved it and said it was what he had envisioned. He was pleased along with other employees that saw the painting. This is the best thing for me, when I see a client happy with what I have created for them.

The painting was delivered on August 1, 2014. The client was celebrating the thirty year anniversary of his company.  They had a party to celebrate and the painting was unveiled in front of around an audience of thirty/party guests/attendees. I was surprised to hear a good, positive audible response from the audience, and receiving accolades from the audience after the painting?s unveiling.

A highlight for me when I got to meet a couple of VIPs like Daniel Cardinal DiNardo, and a couple of priest and nuns, along with  few other of his business associates. 

You can see a few of the preliminary sketches and painting to the final. It is kind of interesting how ones vision changes as one progresses on an art project and painting, as you will see. You can see a slide presentation of the art's progression on Youtube at:Go to see YoutubeVid on the piece's creation  

We can be reached at GATICA ART, 281-441-9714 or emailed at








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