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Above: ARTISTIC ART PEDESTALS created by artist, Ray Gatica. The one at left is not painted, the ones on the right  have been painted to achieve the unique effect. 

Above:  These, unique, hand-crafted pedestals are molded of Hydro-Stone material, a rock hard ceramic-like material. Pedestals are available in a neutral color, or we can custom paint by order.  Each piece will have their, own unique special-effect textured finish.

Each piece is poured separately and each design is unique. The one at left, are the larger ones, they stand approximately 11" tall X 8" round (Wt.12 lbs); The smaller, at right, are 11" tall X 6 " round (Wt. 8 Lbs). 

Mostly made for smaller sculptures, they will support up around 20 pounds. You have a choice of painted or not painted, textures - either way they will enhance the art you put on them. 

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Above: Go to see the flat 3-D experimentations  take-offs from the pedestals.  



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CONTACT INFORMATION: Please direct questions regarding thee items here, to Ray Gatica, at the phone number or addresses below:
       15627 Old Humble Rd.
        Humble, TX 77396

   Phone: Studio 281-441-9714; Cell 832-794-2149


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Sculptures, Artistic Art Pedestals and Forms based on the Receptual Art Concept
By Ray Gatica 2016

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