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Computer Generated Art Deco: Digital Art Deco
by Gatica





   Welcome to Ray Gatica’s Virtual Gallery of his non– commercial art. Most of these images are what Gatica calls Computer Generated New Art Deco - The Jazz Series. 

    These Digital Images were created on an old, window-based Commodore AMIGA500 computer, when MS Windows was just a infant in the personal computer market. It is a combination of the old programming, low resolution and an inferior printer (compared to today’s high resolution printers) that gives these images the unique, pixilated -starkly digital - BUT, interesting quality.

 "These computer generated images/art’s are testament that passionate sexy art can be created with a cold, lifeless, inanimate machine like the computer"... Gatica.

Below are a few samples.

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Digital Art: Jazz Style Art
Title: A Woman’s Place
Print size 26” (H) X 23”
Unframed Print Price: $150.00




  "I can definitely, assure you that this style of work has never crossed your path. I hope you enjoy them", Ray Gatica.

    These images are available for purchase as prints, in any size. When ordering prints give preferred dimensions and media and preference on a mat or gloss finish.

 If you have any questions please call or email us  Ray@GaticaArt.com, us at the email address  and number below.

To find out more about what Gatica’s muse has to say on the inspiration behind these Jazzy images see Reflections -“A Few Words by the Artist”.

    NOTE: Mural, sizes and Print prices - Any of these prints can be enlarged and printed in an oversize format. Price will run around $40.00 a square foot. Installation runs $10.00 more for per Sq./Ft

  These original prints vary in size and are reproduced digitally and printed on archival/museum quality paper stock. The reprints can be enlarged to various sizes (up to mural size upon request). 

    Digital Print sizes and prices vary: The prints vary in sizes between 8” X 10” to mural size 8 ‘ X 10’. Prices vary: from $ 20.00 for smaller size prints to — $450.00 and up, for larger framed prints. NOTE: unmarked and unpriced pieces are available for reprints upon request (above price range applies). 

Contact us with any questions please contact us at: Ray@GaticaArt.com  or call Ray at 281-441-9714. Our website is www.GaticaArt.com. Please visit our other related sites: www.MuralsandBigArt.com,  and www.Airbrushmagic.net.





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DigiArt Milagros.jpg (148544 bytes)



 DigiArt Wendy w dogs.jpg (528620 bytes)

Digital Art: Jazz Art
Title: 'Milagros'
22”(H) X 19” 
Unframed Print: $150.00

DigiArt A Womas Place.jpg (426913 bytes)

Computer Generated Art: 
Jazzy Style Art
Title: Wendy in New York city
30”(H) X 20”