Fearless Art: The Hunting Submission, November, 2014

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  You also see the neighborhood as I recall it – poor, crowded, colorful, friendly and safe with caliche-streets, and community built homes where neighbors helped build houses for each other. You can also see the old oil wells perpetually pumping in the background. They reminded me of old steel dinosaurs.

Sinton Texas, Circa 1959. The artist’s birth town.

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 I consider this my first fearless art piece because it was raw and emotional. Not polished. I was told about The Hunting Art Prize by a friend. This is my submission. It is based on what I remember from my childhood in Sinton Texas, circa 1959. This was a dramatic take off my usual slick, precise art. The main thing was the idea and the writing.

Dimensions: 20 X 30 Inches, 2-D, Acrylic on Board


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Read the  literary part below: This is typical of my interest in merging literary prose with art.

Title in Spanish:  “Quien Compra Pelitos?” (English Translation: “Who buys Little hairs”). Actually, I was trying to say “Quien Compra Perritos?” (English translation: “Who buys little puppies?”). But at the time, because I was around five years of age when pronouncing my ‘R’s - they came out sounding like ‘L’s.  

My first entrepreneurial endeavor: This one day I gathered my grandfather’s, dog’s newly-born litter of puppies and put them in a little red wagon and set out in the neighborhood to sell them. That was until my Father got wind of it, and put an end to my enterprise. Here, you can see him calling me, along with the momma-dog barking and telling me to stop and bring back her puppies.



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