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As the saying goes: 'Need is the mother of invention'.  We here at Gatica Art are artistically inclined. We are able to create things we need around the home. One of  those things we recently needed was a cover for the fire place because as much as I like my fire place, I do not like seeing it uncovered and unsightly, blank hole found on most fireplace openings. 

I always thought why don't they make covers for fireplaces. But not just any cover - but a cover to match the existing brick around the fireplace - to make it look as if there is no fireplace.  

So, I took it upon myself to see what I could do about this dilemma: I started by measuring the fireplace opening and then cut out a piece of board to those dimensions. 

Next, by mixing the appropriate colors to match the existing brick colors. You may need a little art and paintingFire Place Faux cover1.jpg (192131 bytes) experience for this, along with knowing how to createFire Place Faux cover3.jpg (139706 bytes) faux finishes. If you don't, there may be videos on line to get you started.

To match just about any color you only need the basic colors like red, yellow and blue and white and a little experience in mixing colors  to match just about any color and get the color you need to achieve the  desired results. I also used a spray bottle with water to water down the colors as I am applying them to create glazes so that the colors can meld in to each other softly to get the faux effect of the brick. To achieve the results I wanted, I used a dry brush technique along with a spray bottle.

You ca see the results at right. It was a fun project for me. trying to capture  the brick color and texture.

We are artist and can simulate just about any color, brick and texture. We are available to come to your home and match your chimney's front and build one of these custom fire place covers for your home. Each piece is built of sturdy 3/4 inch solid plywood and hand-painted to match your bricks color and texture.

Call us for a free consultation and prices.

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C: Custom Faux Fire Place Cover in place, no more unsightly Fireplace opening. Matches surrounding wall, brick color and texture. See below.


CONTACT INFORMATION: Any questions regarding items here, please direct them to, Ray Gatica, at the phone number or addresses below:
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        Humble, TX 77396

   Phone: Studio 281-441-9714; Cell 832-794-2149





B:  Faux Cover getting ready to put in place of fire place opening.



Fire Place Faux cover2.jpg (103706 bytes)

A: Uncovered Fire Place, when not in use; Unsightly, huh?

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