by Gatica

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This organically formed sculpture is a sand-stone/rock collected from the near bottom of Lake Travis, when due to recent drought conditions the water was around 40 feet below normal level at Lago Vista, Texas, North of Austin. This is one of the collection of stones/rocks that spoke to the artist.

This one is Titled: 'La Familia' (The Family). It could very well have been an art piece sculpted by an artist like Dali,  Picasso, or similar artist. It is an abstract piece. I see the human forms huddled together as in, maybe, readying for a family portrait.

These organic sculptures probably haven't seen the light of day since the lake was formed. They are just random shapes that for some reason or another appealed to the artist. Mostly, I appreciate them just for the  uncontrived - unrecognizable, abstract forms; and some others, like this one, I imagine a recognizable shape within the stone.

Note: This piece is around 10 inches tall without the base, with base around 15 inches and weighs around 2 lbs. 



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