Licensable Art Ideas

Includes art, whimsical characters, contemporary avant-garde designs,
New Deco airbrush art for Licensing
by artist, Ray Gatica 

The ideas are diverse but contemporary, modern with an up tempo-attitude. 
All images and trademarks on this page are copyrighted by Gatica 2015

The Official Baby Watcher™   The OBW;   NOTE to Readers:   The OBW, The Lil Baby Watcher™, and "The Baby Watcher" are all one-and-the same. The Trademarks/Tradenames are used interchangeably by the author/artist.

 Who is the OBW? You ask - Imagine a "Fanciful" children’s character that has "Real" Purpose and Mission - that by his loving nature and through it’s the heart-warming story is designed to capture the hearts of families - for a world wide market. 

Go to see more on this fully rounded character and concept suitable for an array of marketing and licensable opportunities:   

See more of the OBW at:


Computer JAmmin Duet II.jpg (48746 bytes)       Computer BRAZEN II.jpg (43258 bytes)  Computer LAdies sing the blues II.jpg (62975 bytes)


Computer MAle Model II.jpg (32465 bytes)   Computer Piano man 1 II.jpg (70983 bytes)   Computer PIANO BAR 1 II.jpg (30363 bytes)

Above: Digital Art - These are only a few of this style of works. You can see more of this Digital-Deco 
at the following link


Licensable Whimsical characters created by Gatica and based on 
the same design as The Official Baby Watcher. At left is "Officer Wuvchild"  and at right is "Dr. Pedi Wuvchild".  Notice the similar features. 
Read about these items at the following link Licensable characters, Dr. Wuvchild, Officer Luvchild, Characters for licensing

For licensing information on any of these designs please contact, 
Ray Gatica, 281-441-9714 or by emailing us at


            Green HAT II.jpg (61353 bytes)         Tshirt ART Deco I.IIjpg.jpg (51697 bytes)    Tshirt Art DEco II II.jpg (50625 bytes)           Sassy II.jpg (31324 bytes)

Above: Contemporary New Deco designs (This style is a spin-off from the old Art Deco with a new modern twist):  Great for T-shirts, women's clothing, etc. 

ABSTACT SCAPEII DarrelBarbs.jpg (51061 bytes)   Abstract III.jpg (56131 bytes) Cowboys Day Off II.jpg (71658 bytes)  Windy w dog canvas.IIjpg.jpg (55538 bytes)

Gatica Original Works: Go to see more of this. Our style is diverse, contemporary with a sassy, up-tempo attitude.These items can be seen by preusing our website:

Dr. Pedi Wuvchild copy.jpg (179336 bytes)                                                                 

OficerLuvChild Huntintg.jpg (148217 bytes)

Officer Wuv Child copy.JPG (183247 bytes)



ILLUSTRATION  7 JPG 08.jpg (123161 bytes)








  Turning up the Heat II.jpg (109049 bytes)     TEXY 07 PRINT copy.jpg (471921 bytes)     LIGHT MY FIRE PANEL II.jpg (72647 bytes)     Scotty'sGirl.jpg (114203 bytes)      AirbrushedVirgin Mary.jpg (72709 bytes) 

Airbrush Art: Sophisticated, Sexy, Modern Go to see more on this at the following link:  












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