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By Gatica
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The organically formed Rock/Stone Sculptures  you see here are oddities that captured the artist's imagination. They are stones/rocks collected from the near bottom of Lake Travis, during the past two years, when due to recent drought conditions, the water has been around 40 feet below normal level at Lago Vista, Texas, North of Austin. 

These stones probably haven't seen the light of day since the lake was formed. They are just random shapes that for some reason or another appealed to the artist's emotions and are based on the  Receptual Art' phylosophy defined
Mostly, I appreciate just for the forms, and some others as much as I try not to - I still imagine a recognizable shapes within the stone. Gatica

Note: To get an idea of the sculptures' sizes, compare them to the pedestals which are around 11 inches tall.


At left is an experimental piece inspired by the above organic sculptures and artistic pedestals seen above piece. Go to see and read on these flat-3-D sculptures .2-D Receptual sculpture Experiment 1 Side A.jpg (59772 bytes)

    La Familia piece no pedestal.jpg (40558 bytes)  A hand to talk too on artistic Art Pedestal.JPG (31579 bytes)

Demonic Leaf Organic on Artistic Art Sculpture.jpg (94606 bytes)




Go to see more on the unique Artistic Art Pedestals: Pg 2



Organic Sculpture  on Artistic Art Scultpture Picasso.jpg (67052 bytes)Untitled Organic Sculpture on Artist Art Pedestal 1.JPG (449749 bytes)



Picasso Mother and child organic sculpture on Artistic Art Pedestal.JPG (107745 bytes)Organic Sculpture Picasso Reclining nude on Artistic Art Sculpture.jpg (50046 bytes)

The above form is not a rock, but a dried- leaf believed to be from the Cecropia tree, found at the El Yunque Rain Forest in Puerto Rico. 

CONTACT INFORMATION: Any questions or comments regarding these items contact Ray Gatica at the phone number or addresses below:
       15627 Old Humble Rd.
        Humble, TX 77396

   Phone: Studio 281-441-9714; Cell 832-794-2149
                 email: Ray@GaticaArt.com

Above: Go to read more on this special piece.

Note: The  sculptures  you see in this page are a smaller version of  what you will see in our back Yard Art  page.

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