Original Contemporary Modern These are but a brief sampling of our 
Art Deco inspired art, illustration, graphic art, some abstract, some serious illustrative work, 
and all original art. The style is contemporary, modern  art 
by artist Ray Gatica

The above images represent original art created over the past thirty years by modern artist, Ray Gatica.  We can be contacted, 281-441-9714 or email us at Ray@GaticaArt.com.





LAdy wDog BOARD.jpg (44087 bytes)  Porsche Buit for Curves II.psd.jpg (39803 bytes)  Windy w dog canvas.jpg (55518 bytes) Fashion Illus Fur Coat II.jpg (39129 bytes)





ABSTACT SCAPEII DarrelBarbs.jpg (51061 bytes)   ABSTRACT Mountscape II.jpg (36827 bytes)  Cowboys Day Off II.jpg 10X8.jpg (793071 bytes)  Green HAT II.jpg (61353 bytes)




Art Deco OVAL II.jpg (63959 bytes)  Tshirt ART Deco I.IIjpg.jpg (51697 bytes) Tshirt Art DEco II II.jpg (50625 bytes) Light my Fire JAzz.jpg (108687 bytes) Dude Smokin.jpg.Thsirt  transfer.jpg (128399 bytes)

Sassy II.jpg (31324 bytes)   JOAN's Portrait.jpg (113663 bytes)   JACKIEs Mural1.jpg (171222 bytes)







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