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At left are a couple of glass, wood, and styrofoam sculptures, recently, created by Gatica. 



Below: are a few pieces from the Gatica's private collection of Houston, artist, Harry Snodgrass', metal sculptures. More of his works can be seen at www.RMSscrapArt.com.  

The top, three metal art pieces' approximate sizes are 30 inches tall, 4 feet in length, and weigh around 40 pounds.


Other Outdoor Yard Art 
at Gatica's, Humble, TX home based studio

GaticaArt.com 2018






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CONTACT INFORMATION: Any questions or comments regarding these items contact Ray Gatica at the phone number or addresses below:
       15627 Old Humble Rd.
        Humble, TX 77396

   Phone: Studio 281-441-9714; Cell 832-794-2149
                 email: Ray@GaticaArt.com

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