Commissioned Church Art 
By Gatica Art



5th Ward Church painting.jpg (209156 bytes) 5th Ward Church painting 2.jpg (179805 bytes)  

Wall painting 5th Ward church in Houston, TX. Acrylic on wall - 4 Ft. wide X 7 Ft. tall



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 BISHOP RAY.JPG (364321 bytes)   SanJosePaintingI.jpg (68167 bytes)       
bishopray.jpg (301455 bytes)     SanJosePaintingII.jpg (66382 bytes)

San Jose de Calasanz Church, Lockney Texas. On  3 Ft. (W) X 4 Ft. (H) canvas.









aChurchPainting Sacred Heart.jpg (172696 bytes)    San Jose de Calasanz1.jpg (126643 bytes) San Jose de Calasanz2.jpg (124978 bytes)

Sacred Heart Church Three versions of the same idea. On 3 Ft. wide X 4 Ft. high on canvas.





At right you can see two paintings commissioned by the San Jose de Calasanz Church in Lockney Texas in, 2011.

Below are commissioned paintings by Sacred Heart Church in Littlefied, Texas in 2012.


At Bottom is a commissioned wall piece by 5Th Ward Church. It is located behind the Baptismal Pool.  You can see the actual piece  at left, and then the overall piece the way it looks from the congregation side.



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